Still I Rise (2022)

Written for SATB and Piano

In Sync/ane (2021)

Written for 3 performers

In the Shades I see (2019)

Written for Accordion Solo

Give Wings (2019)

Written for String Quartet

Dedicated this piece to my brother and to those who might need a little lift

Stride the Light (2018)

Written for Orchestra

Dwelling Woes (2019)

Commissioned work written for Violin and Yangqin

What we talk about when we talk about it (2019)

A set of 28 pieces Written for Chamber Ensemble and Stage Play

I thought about it for a long time of how I should write this foreword.

Should I do a brief introduction of the show’s content, or should I write about the motivation behind. Yes, both ways would work. That’s something we would see in a foreword, Yet, I felt like any summary I drew here would have weaken much of the emotion and weight this work holds. So, I could only express here the anger and the frustration I have towards the production’s subject. And hope that perhaps one day…Perhaps one day,

there’ll no longer be anything so cruel, so miserable.

_______Virginia W.

The Ravine of Forest Lawn (2018)

Written for Dizi, Pipa, Bass Clarinet, Marimba and Vibraphone

There is this ravine in my neighborhood surrounded by trees back in Canada. I used to get in there for a walk whenever I got tired and wanted a break. When you stand at the entrance, you feel and hear the wind calling as if it is leading you into the ravine, guiding you through different rises and falls. And for a moment, you just let go of all the stress and break free temporarily from all the busy thoughts inside your head.

I wrote this piece as a gift to myself to remind me that it is okay to feel tired; it is okay that we all get stuck sometimes. And as long as we follow our heart, there will always be a way.

_______Virginia W.

Drunk (2016)

Written for Brass Quintet

Glitch (2016)

Four pieces written for Clarinet Duo

Sunnily Downshifted (2017)

Written for Live Electronics

Wonders (2016)

Guided Improvisation written for Sitar Solo

Mirror Mirror on the Wall (2016)

Written for Marimba Solo

In & Out of Sight (2017)

Written for Cello Solo

Becoming (2014)

Written for Viola and Electronics

Frame of Witching Hour (2012)

written for Violin, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor Saxophone and Piano

At Last (2012)

Written for Piano solo

Sounds Like... A Musical Card Game for Sonic Improvisation (2013)

Written for 4 to 10 participants

Another Pointless Wrangling (2013)

Written for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Spirit (2011)

Originally written for Piano solo,

rearranged for two Pianos

Au Revoir (2009)

Written for Violin and Piano